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Rhythm In Me seeks to develop the whole child through engaging them musically. The environment at Rhythm In Me provides opportunity for skills-development in vocalizing, moving, playing, organising sounds,

listening and using language to express musicality. 

In this supportive and engaging environment, children will develop confidence to experiment,

improvise and create music; this same confidence will enable the child to develop

problem-solving skills in other areas of life. 

Rhythm In Me is a place for creative, music-dance education, the environment

is stimulating, structured and filled with the wonderful spirit of play.

We emphasize the language, social and emotional development of a child.


All programmes at Rhythm In Me are run by educators all believe that:


  • every child has a genuine desire and ability for music and rhythm.

  • it is essential to develop confidence in a child to express his or her voice.

  • children's creativity in music, movement and language is important

  • and should be developed early.


Our classes all start with a time of free play. Instruments, puppets, books and other learning tools are made available for play and exploration. Parents are encouraged to bring their children 5 minutes before class starts so they can get warmed up and comfortable before the lesson begins.


SINGing is one of the very first form

of us being able to

connect with our children

.Even before pre-verbal, singing gets

their attention and it is able to make

them feel the rhythm

and melody. Most things in

our children's life are

introduced through songs. ABCD..1

2345..animals, colors ..

have you ever wondered why?

Some will take all in and one day

they will bring it all out when you least

expect it. Singing to our children connects

us even closer to us and it even builds a strong bond. So, SING them to sleep

and wake them up to a song. Parents have always wanted your children to be out

there singing out loud to

make us proud.

Will you do the same

 for them to see..?


DANCEing makes you feel good. 

Through DANCE you get to

express all kind of emotions.

We reach out as much as possible  to children through movements and DANCE.

 DANCE is being able to move to a rhythm within a soul.

YES! that means even without music

you can dance. DANCE brings out the confidence in a child & ADULTS. 

It brings the inside out in matter of time. Moving to music makes everyone

young and old feel good. You only

have to look at the way a young

baby bops away to a fast beat to see this. Music and dance can take children

with low confidence away from their inner concerns and encourage them to express themselves in a physical way.

When was the last time you

danced with your child..?

Its never too late to start!  


CELEBRATing is one of the greatest

feeling for a child or even us adults.

We celebrate for many reasons.

Sometimes its the simple and small achivements that makes one to

feel good and to do better the

next time.

We believe in Celebrating.

 Be it a Birthday, baby shower,

retirement, end of school term,

goodbye, welcome back ...

we can go on and on!

In all these celebrations we have

that one person or that one reason

that we celebrate and that is what

matters most to us. We want to make

it as memorable as possible.

Its not just the gifts that matters..

it's the moment of it all.

So go ahead, make plans and

call on a PARTY for life is worth CELEBRATING! 


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