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Why Music is Important


Children are natural born music lovers. Have you ever watched an infant swaying back and forth in response to hearing music? During the first year of life babies babble and experiment with sound. This precursor to singing is an important first step in learning to talk. Preschool children engage in what some researchers have called “chanting”. These are the half-speaking, half-singing sounds that often accompany young children’s play. Children love the sound of their own voices and “chanting” is the way that they experiment with sound and rhythm. 




30th January

-2nd April 2016

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Music and Movement - Instrumental in Language Development


“A B C D E F G.” Even before the brain research findings, teachers and parents have taught the alphabet to children with the help of a song. Now, based on the research, we understand why. With the help of cat scans, we have been able to see what happens to the brain when listening to music. Each component of music affects a different part of the brain, e.g. a familiar song activates the left frontal lobe, timbre the right frontal lobe, and pitch the left posterior.


"I wish I could spend more time with the kids..."


Daddy wanting to spend more time with the kids? Mummy handling all the childcare? Sometimes it is not how MUCH time you spend with your child, but HOW you spend your time together.


In this special class, we supercharge daddy-child bonding time! We create fantastic memories through a whole range of creative activities: body percussion, art & crafts and even drama! It's a challenge for little ones and dads alike, as we exercise the power of imagination, joy and wonder.


Be it for office dads wanting to spend more time with the kids, or for stay-home dads looking for new ways to stimulate learning, we guarantee a great time for everyone. By having fun together, we make magic happen between fathers and their little ones. 


Daddy-&-Me runs once a month (for now!) because we know dads are busy! For children at that age where routines bring comfort, they can look forward to that precious window once a month, when they get to have fun with Daddy. Mums, grab this chance to pamper yourself, meet up with old friends, or simply enjoy some me-time!




Daddy-&-Me !

Great times at Rhythm In Me aren't just for children! Seen how much fun our kids have? 


 and get a hard workout to boot!



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